Everyone was flailing in the themselves off appetite

Everyone was flailing in the themselves off appetite

Their men didn’t hold back off sharpening their blades

In the past, oils for just one shekel was just 1 / 2 of a good litre, cereals for one shekel was just half of a great litre, fleece for mature dating apps Italy 1 shekel was only one mina, catch one to shekel occupied singular exclude scale — these marketed at the like rates about locations of your places! Individuals who lay out on top, died on top; people who lay-down inside your home were not tucked. By the Ki-ur, Enlil’s good place, animals was indeed manufactured together with her in the silent streets; in the event the a couple of males wandered here they might getting devoured by the her or him, and when about three men wandered there they would getting devoured by him or her. Noses was indeed punched (?), heads was basically smashed (?), noses (?) was basically piled-up, minds was in fact sown instance vegetables. Sincere people were confounded that have traitors, heroes put dry at the top of heroes, new bloodstream from traitors went on the fresh new blood out of honest people.

At that time, Enlil reconstructed their high sanctuaries with the brief reed (?) sanctuaries and you can from east to western he less the storehouses. The existing ladies who endured days past, the existing males who lasted those days while the master lamentation artist just who endured people decades created 7 balaj electric guitar, because if it stood from the vista, and you can along with ub , meze, and lilis (some mss. provides rather: cem, and you may lilis) (step one ms. has alternatively: and you will bronze cem) keyboards made her or him resound to Enlil like Ickur having 7 days and you can eight evening. The outdated females did not keep back new scream “Sadly getting my personal town!”. The old guys failed to hold back the newest shout “Sadly because of its some body!”. The new lamentation artist don’t restrain brand new cry “Alas on E-kur!”. Their ladies did not restrain of ripping their head of hair. Their laments was as if Enlil’s forefathers have been carrying out a great lament throughout the awe-encouraging Holy Mound of the holy hips of Enlil. As a result of this, Enlil entered his holy bedchamber and you can lay down fasting.

At that time, Suen, Enki, Inana, Ninurta, Ickur, Utu, Nuska, and you can Nisaba, the good gods (step one ms. possess alternatively: all the gods whosoever), cooled off (step 1 ms. provides instead: sprinkled) Enlil’s cardio that have cold water and prayed in order to him: “Enlil, can get the metropolis one to destroyed their city, end up being handled as your urban area might have been treated! Could possibly get one that defiled your giguna, end up being addressed while the Nibru! Within this area, may heads fill the fresh new wells! May no that get a hold of their colleagues around, could possibly get brother not acknowledge sister! Will get their young woman getting cruelly slain within her woman’s domain, could possibly get the old-man cry in the worry having his slain spouse! “

Can get its pigeons moan on the window ledges, will get the brief birds feel smitten in their nooks, will get they live-in ongoing nervousness eg a timid pigeon!

Once again, Suen, Enki, Inana, Ninurta, Ickur, Utu, Nuska and you may Nisaba, the gods whosoever, turned into their attention towards the urban area, and you may cursed Agade really: “City, your pounced for the Age-kur: it is just like you had pounced for the Enlil! Agade, your pounced into Age-kur: it is just like you got pounced into the Enlil! Could possibly get your own holy wall space, on their high point, resound which have mourning! May their giguna be faster so you can a stack away from soil! a deities slip to your surface instance extreme young men inebriated into the drink! Will get the clay become returned to its abzu, may it be clay cursed by Enki! May your grain become returned to the furrow, should it be grain cursed of the Ezinu! Get your wood getting gone back to its forest, should it be timber cursed from the Ninilduma! Will get the newest (step 1 ms. enjoys alternatively: your) cows slaughterer slaughter his girlfriend, will get their (specific mss. has actually instead: the) sheep butcher butcher his son! May liquids tidy away the pauper as he is seeking . Get your prostitute hang by herself at the access so you can her brothel! Get your pregnant (?) hierodules and you may cult prostitutes abort (?) kids! Could possibly get their silver be purchased for the price of gold, get your own gold be purchased to your price of pyrite (?), and might your copper be bought on price of direct!”

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